OCR(MEI) Mathematics AS/A levels (2017)

AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics are changing. There will be more problem solving and integration of technology, and statistics will have a new focus on interpretation of data. These are features that MEI has been promoting for many years.

MEI has developed new specifications for these qualifications. They will be examined by OCR, and will be known as the OCR(MEI) specifications, just like the current versions.

We believe that the combination of these new specifications and our accompanying support package will provide teachers and students with the best possible A level Mathematics experience.

How can you find out more about the OCR(MEI) A levels?

What support is available for teaching the new MEI A levels?

  • We will provide a programme of professional development for the OCR(MEI) specifications.

  • We are developing our Integral online resources to provided support tailored to the new OCR(MEI) specifications. Preview the new version.

  • We are also working with Hodder Education to develop new textbooks to support the OCR(MEI) specifications (view sample). For Mathematics, there will be a year 1 book (also suitable for AS) and a year 2 book.  The year 2 book includes short review sections  on year 1 material.  Each book will be priced at £27.99.

  • MEI is currently drafting a suggested Scheme of Work, which will be editable so that you can adapt it. (view sample). The full version will be available to participants on our CPD courses from July and made freely available from the Spring.

  • The FMSP has drafted a scheme of work for the compulsory content of the MEI AS in Further Mathematics

  • Test yourself resources are available for formulae to learn

Distinctive features of MEI's specification

From its first A level examination in 1967, to its present A level specification, MEI has sought to produce coherent and innovative syllabuses.

So what's so special about the OCR(MEI) specifications?

  • Ethos: We believe in developing deep mathematical understanding that students can draw upon during their studies and throughout their lives. Our specifications and support materials provide students with a coherent pathway through A level Mathematics, helping them to appreciate links between topics; be familiar with applications of mathematics; understand the importance of modelling; and develop their reasoning and problem solving skills.

  • Expertise: We are specialists in AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. MEI is a recognised national leader in embedding the use of technology in teaching and learning. For many years we have offered professional development courses with a problem solving focus, and modelling has been a prominent feature in our A level specifications. The design of our new specification has benefited from this far-reaching expertise.

  • Coherence: The experts developing our specifications, specimen assessments, books, resources and professional development are all part of one team. They work together to ensure that students and teachers have the best possible experience in all areas related to A level Mathematics: resources, support and assessment.

  • Support: We offer exceptional support for teachers and students. In addition to support from OCR, we provide you with direct access to mathematics experts with fast response times. We also offer an extensive range of professional development courses, and an annual three-day conference. Our Integral resources are being developed to in line with the 2017 changes and will support you with topics that you are less familiar with. They will also include new features to support classroom and independent study.
  • The best possible motives: MEI is a registered charity; our vision is to make a real difference to people's lives by improving the quality of mathematics education and learning. Our motivation is always to achieve the best possible outcomes for students.

Why choose the OCR(MEI) specification?

If you are not currently teaching the OCR(MEI) specification, now is the ideal time to consider changing to it. If you are thinking about making the move, and would like advice on what this may involve, please contact Stella Dudzic, MEI’s Programme Leader for Curriculum.

What students and teachers say about MEI’s current specifications:

“I've been studying MEI A level maths and can truly say I enjoy it - thank you for all your efforts in making maths interesting.”

“I want my students to have an interesting and challenging course - MEI provides this.”