Books and equipment

Books - Bulk orders (MEI only):

MEI AS/A Level and Foundations of Advanced Mathematics/Additional Mathematics FSMQ books may be purchased in bulk, and at a discount, by schools and colleges through MEI. Details of discounts available are on the book order form.

Books - Individual orders (All specifications):

Please see the active links to the Amazon Website for the books on the relevant pages from the list below. This includes books from all four English specifications.

AS/A Level for AQA
AS/A Level for Edexcel
AS/A Level MEI Structured Mathematics
AS/A Level for OCR
Free Standing Mathematics (including Additional Maths and AQA L2 cert for Further Maths)
GCSE Hodder Mathematics Textbooks
Key Stage 3 Mathematics

Books - Recreational:

MEI's mathematics staff review and recommend recreational maths books.