Who needs mathematics and statistics?

The mathematics and statistics of other subjects at sixth form level (and beyond)

This free course offering professional development to support teachers of mathematics in working with teachers of other subjects has been made possible with funding from the Clothworkers’ foundation.  Schools with teachers who take part in the follow up sessions will be eligible to claim £100 towards costs of working together.


  • To give teachers of mathematics A level examples of the use of mathematics and statistics in other subjects.
  • To introduce some mathematics resources that can be used by science teachers
  • To introduce some statistics resources that can be used by social science teachers
  • To provide teachers with an opportunity to work together in preparing their students for further study

Course Programme

Morning sessions will look at the mathematics in science subjects; afternoon sessions will look at the statistics in science and social science subjects. It is suggested that teachers of chemistry, physics and engineering come for the morning; teachers of biology, geography, psychology, sociology, economics and business come for the afternoon with teachers of mathematics coming for the whole day. The £100 available per school is subject to attendance at a follow up session by at least one teacher from the school.

Follow Up

At the end of the day, all teachers will receive a pack of guidance to help teachers of mathematics to work with teachers of other subject. There will be two opportunities to feed back in the summer term - either online or at a feedback afternoon.


This course is suitable for teachers of A Level mathematics who want to work with teachers of biology, chemistry, geography, psychology, physics, sociology, engineering, economics and business to help their students cope better with the mathematical and statistical demands of further study.

Course Dates and Application

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