A level Mathematics

Integral resources for AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Integral is available to support A level students in our Integral virtual learning environment. For more information please see our A level resources page.

Please use the links below to navigate to the relevant book pages on our website:

AS/A Level for AQA
AS/A Level for Edexcel
AS/A Level for OCR
AS/A Level OCR(MEI) Structured Mathematics

You may also find the documents below useful:

MEI Formula booklet MF2
OR Society support for students of Decision Maths
Formulae students need to know*
*please note that the Companion to Advanced Mathematics and Statistics has replaced the student handbook referred to in this document

You may also find pages on our website and external websites useful:

FMSP Revision Events
OCR free ebooks for C1,C2,C3,C4
The NRICH Mathematics Enrichment Project
Plus Magazine
Mathcentre resources for AS/A level Maths
Nick's Mathematical Puzzles
GCE Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)