MEI/Casio Teacher Networks

MEI and Casio are working with a group of teachers across England to develop their use of technology in A level Mathematics, including the use of graphical calculators.

These teachers have trialled resources for using technology in the teaching and learning of A level Mathematics and have been supporting other teachers in developing these skills.

Resources: classroom tasks

The teachers in the network have trialled and fed back on a series of classroom tasks. The tasks have been improved based on their feedback.

AS/A level Mathematics: Pure Mathematics (AS)

Topic Classroom tasks
Surds and indices (AS)
Quadratic functions (AS) Plot y=ax2+bx+c in modify mode and vary a, b and c.
Equations and inequalities (AS) Intersection of a line and a curve
Quadratic inequalities
Coordinate geometry (AS) Perpendicular lines
Trigonometry (AS) Solution of trig equations
Polynomials (AS) The Factor Theorem
Graphs and transformations (AS) Functions - Transformations
The binomial expansion (AS)
Differentiation (AS) Exploring the gradient on a curve
Gradient graphs
Introduction to Stationary Points
Integration (AS) Area under a curve
Vectors (AS)
Exponentials and logarithms (AS) Gradients of tangents to the exponential function
Reduction to linear form

AS/A level Mathematics: Statistics (AS)

Topic Classroom tasks
Data collection (AS)
Data processing, presentation and interpretation (AS) Basic statistics and charts
Probability (AS)
The binomial distribution (AS) The Binomial Distribution
Statistical hypothesis testing using the binomial distribution (AS)

AS/A level Mathematics: Mechanics (AS)

Topic Classroom tasks
Kinematics (AS) Constant Acceleration Equations and Graphs
Forces and Newton’s laws of motion (AS) Forces In Equilibrium*
Newton's Second Law in One Dimension*
Variable acceleration (AS) Variable Acceleration – Differentiation
Variable Acceleration – Integration

AS/A level Mathematics: Pure Mathematics (Full A level only)

Topic Classroom tasks
Trigonometry Trig equations in radians
Sequences and series Sum of an AP
Sum of a GP
Functions The Modulus Function
Inverse functions
Differentiation Points of inflection
Trigonometric functions
Algebra Partial Fractions
Trigonometry identities Double Angle formulae
Further Differentiation Differentiating trigonometric functions
Integration Gradient of tangent to y=ekx
Gradient of tangent to y=lnx
Parametric equations Tangents to parametric curves
Differential equations
Numerical methods Change of sign
Fixed point iterations
Newton Raphson

AS/A level Mathematics: Statistics (Full A level only)

Topic Classroom tasks
Probability distributions The Normal Distribution
Hypothesis testing

AS/A level Mathematics: Mechanics (Full A level only)

Topic Classroom tasks
Kinematics Intersecting Paths
Force and motion Connected Particles*
Projectiles The Maximum Range of a Projectile
Velocity and Acceleration of a Projectile*
Friction The Friction Law*

*Task requiring a program to be loaded onto the calculator.

AS/A level Further Mathematics

Development of the network (April 2014 - March 2016):

In the initial phase of the network MEI worked with the teachers to support them in using technology in the classroom and then use these experiences to deliver training to a group of their peers in an existing mathematics teachers' network.

  • Summer 2014: Developing skills in using technology, including graphical calculators, in A level Mathematics. Learning how to use the calculators and focusing on how technology can be used effectively to give students access to mathematical concepts.
  • Autumn 2014 - Spring 2015: Trialling, feeding back and contributing to the development of resources.
  • Summer 2015: Developing skills in delivery of training/advice to wider teacher networks.
  • Autumn 2015 - Spring 2016: Contributing to wider teacher networks.

Further information

For more information please contact MEI's Learning Technology Specialist.