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Mathematics education policy

MEI is a leading independent curriculum organisation for mathematics. MEI can provide expert advice on curriculum development and education policy in mathematics.

Main contact: Charlie Stripp
See also: Curriculum; New National Curriculum; Consultation Responses; Reports sections of our website.

In-house CPD, tailor-made to meet your needs

Regardless of the GCSE or A level specifications you follow, MEI can work with you to develop the teaching and learning in your department. All our support comes with the option of follow-up sessions using an online classroom and access to our extensive resources.

Main contact: Bernard Murphy
See also: CPD at your school or college section of our website.

Helping you work with other schools

Working with other schools in your area can be beneficial to all concerned. MEI can offer sessions for local groups of teachers focusing on the issues that are important to particular circumstances. With the network provided by the MEI-managed Further Mathematics Support Programme, there are local Area Coordinators available who are ready to help. Students too can benefit directly through workshops preparing them for module exams and masterclasses which give them insights into the wider world of mathematics.    

Main contact: Sue de Pomerai
See also: FMSP Support section of our website.

Departmental reviews

Are there any aspects of your department’s work that you would like to review? Do you want advice regarding departmental policies or an independent opinion of the strengths and weaknesses of the teaching and learning of mathematics in your school? One of the MEI professional staff could spend two days in your department focusing on the areas you would like to address and provide a detailed report with suggested targets.

Main contact: Bernard Murphy
See also: Departmental Reviews section of our website.

On-going support

You might prefer to set up a long-term relationship with MEI, calling on our support at regular intervals. You might have colleagues who would benefit from attending the annual conference and others who would want to take part in one of our year-long CPD programmes. You could call on an MEI mentor to spend a day in your department with your KS4 coordinator reviewing schemes of work or run a series of online sessions on providing for the more able at KS3. MEI would be interested to discuss what is right for you.

Main contact: Stella Dudzic
See also: Teachers section of our website.

Making the most of ICT in your teaching

Software such as GeoGebra, Autograph and Excel gives students access to mathematical ideas which can be difficult for them to comprehend in any other way. Do you feel there is room for improvement in the way your department uses dynamic imagery to support students of all abilities and at all levels. A one-day course from MEI’s ICT specialist will make a difference.

Main contact: Tom Button
See also: Use of ICT section of our website.

Mathematics enrichment and extension

MEI offers support with extending and enriching students' knowledge of mathematics beyond the curriculum. This can be via student resources, access to relevant professional development opportunities or via workshops and events aimed at students.

Main contact: Richard Lissaman
See also: Students section of our website.

Support for Industry

MEI is actively engaging with employers, Local Enterprise Partnerships and vocational learning providers to achieve a positive impact on the development of mathematical skills in the workplace. We can work with you to explore the level of mathematical skills in your company, to identify what skills you need and what training would be appropriate to develop them.

Main contact: Janice Richards
See also: Mathematics in your workplace section of our website.

Support at the school-HE interface

MEI has great expertise at the school to university interface. One of the ways in which we work with universities is to enable them to encourage the study of further mathematics. We also collaborate on designing resources to help teachers of mathematics and teachers of other subjects at A Level teach relevant aspects of mathematics and statistics, showing how they are used in solving real problems.

Main contact: Stephen Lee
See also: Universities section of our website.

Live Online Professional Development

Our Live Online Professional Development (LOPD) programme offers innovative courses to enable teachers to teach A level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics with confidence. Rather than attending a one or two day course away from school or college, delegates will use the internet to meet on-line in small groups with a tutor. Sessions aim to cover subject content common to all current specifications and facilitate the exchange of teaching ideas between the teachers involved.

Main contact: Jo Sibley
See also: Live Online Professional Development section of the Further Mathematics Support Programme website.

Developing effective classroom practices

MEI supports teachers in developing effective classroom practices that will enhance their pupils mathematical experiences and learning, including the use of ICT and other resources to support concept development.

Main contact: Carol Knights
See also: KS4 Enrichment and Extension; Use of ICT sections of our website.

Delivering a collaborative approach to realistic problem solving

MEI offers support in exploring collaborative approaches to realistic problem solving. This includes developing teaching and learning activities and resources that involve knowledge and skills from a number of subject areas, and core skills that are common to tackling most problems.

Main contact: Terry Dawson
See also: Critical Maths section of our website.

Developing a professional learning community

MEI can offer support and advice to schools and partnerships of schools seeking to develop professional learning communities that effectively support high quality teaching and learning in mathematics.

Main contact: John Westwell