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Alison is Primary Mathematics Specialist with MEI.


Alison has been involved in primary education for 20 years. She has been a mathematics, assessment and senior leader in a range of primary schools. She was a Leading Mathematics Teacher with the launch of the Numeracy Strategy, going on to be a Local Authority Primary Strategy Mathematics Consultant and a Primary Mathematics ITT Lecturer. After returning to the classroom for seven years, where she led in a range of areas and taught across the school, Alison joined MEI in 2017. She is also an Assistant Director (Primary) with NCETM..


  • Supporting teachers to develop subject and pedagogical knowledge
  • Mentoring and supporting Newly Qualified Teachers
  • Subject Leader support and development
  • KS2/3 Transition
  • Assessment without levels


  • Teaching and supporting mathematics across the primary age range
  • Leading mathematics in primary schools
  • Alison is also working with NCETM to develop Mathematics Teaching for Mastery team
  • KS1 moderation
  • Leading other areas including Pupil Premium and music


[email protected]

07473 649 134