Foundations of Advanced Maths

Why do Foundations of Advanced Mathematics (FAM)?

FAM provides a good transition from GCSE to A level Mathematics for students who do not have a sufficiently confident grasp of the prerequisite knowledge from GCSE. However, it is also useful as a support for students taking other qualifications with a mathematical content or planning to take Higher Education courses that include a numerate element, and for mature students who wish to update their mathematics before embarking on AS/A Level.

The content of Foundations of Advanced Mathematics

The FAM course is a broad course covering arithmetic, algebra, graphs, trigonometry and statistics. Although the course content overlaps with GCSE higher tier, the approach is more suited to post-16 students. FAM is approved as an intermediate (level 2) Free Standing Mathematics Qualification (FSMQ). The guided number of learning hours is 60, but the amount of teaching needed by students will depend on their previous knowledge and may be less than this. This course is assessed by a 40 question multiple choice examination.

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