Textbooks for Free Standing Mathematics Qualifications (FSMQs)

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MEI Structured Maths Second Edition: Foundations of Advanced Maths

This covers the introductory module in OCR's MEI Structured Mathematics specification. Whist supporting the free-standing maths qualification it is also designed to be used as an introductory unit for students wishing to go on to AS or A2 Level Maths or into Higher Education courses with an element of Maths involved.

Foundations of Advanced Mathematics book

978 0340 869260





Additional Mathematics for OCR

Accessible and concise, this book includes an introduction to each topic followed by worked examples with commentaries and practice questions. It is ideal for students considering maths at AS/A level, accelerating progress and aiding future choices.

Additional Maths for OCR book

978 0340 869604




OCR Additional Mathematics Revision Guide for Advanced Free Standing Mathematics Qualification

This revision guide is designed to help students refresh their knowledge of tricky concepts with past paper exam questions. Detailed worked answers are also included, so students can better prepare for their exam.


OCR Additional Maths revision guide

978 1444 154757





AQA Certificate in Further Maths

This specification is ideal for students to prepare for A level mathematics. A range of algebraic and geometric topics are covered and it provides an introduction to Matrices and Calculus.



AQA Certificate in Further Maths

978 1444 181128





OCR Additional Mathematics Practice Book

This practice book develops students' skills and helps them prepare effectively for the exam with graduated questions, including harder exam-style questions.



OCR Add Maths Practice Book

978 1444 189506





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