The MEI certificated TAM course

All mathematics teachers are eligible for this course.

Participants are required to take an active role in six study days, spread across the year, focusing on A level Mathematics pedagogy.  Participants also have access to various types of support, including sessions in an online classroom, as they study the content of A level Mathematics from a teaching and learning perspective.  All course participants have access to an extensive website of teaching and learning materials and this access continues for two years.

During the course, teachers are asked to compile a portfolio of personal reflections based on their experience of the course, as well as completing two mathematics assignments based on A level subject content. 

This is the flyer from the course which is running during the current academic year: Fox flyer

We expect to open applications ready for an October 2018 start for a new cohort of the MEI-certificated TAM course.

To register your interest for the 2018-19 course please complete this online register of interest form

You can find the answers to some frequently asked questions via this link: FAQs

Please refer to the terms and conditions for MEI CPD events.

To find out what TAM teachers think about the course please see this report:

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