Professional Development for OCR(MEI) Core Maths qualifications

MEI's annual conference in 2015 saw a day of training for each of the following:

  • Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning
  • Critical Maths
  • Problem Solving

Some of the session resources can be downloaded from the Conference 2015 Archive.

Please contact Terry Dawson with any queries about professional development for the Core Maths qualifications.

OCR events training for Core Maths qualifications

There are a number of free live events and recordings of past events related to Core Maths on the OCR CPD hub

The following events are planned for academic year 2016-17

  • Core Maths Training day

    This one day course aims to:

  • Introduce the two OCR (MEI) Core Maths qualifications; outlining the ethos of Core Maths and the relationships between the two Specs.
    Outline some models for delivering the Core Maths qualifications in a school/college.
    Explore teaching approaches, including the problem solving cycle, discussion-based lessons and the use of technology in the classroom.
    Provide an introduction to some useful, freely available, resources for teaching the qualifications using the approaches identified.
    Look at assessment of the qualification and provide feedback on the first year of delivery and assessment.
    Provide guidance on marketing and promoting Core Maths at your centre.

  • Linking Core Maths teaching to other subject

    This live online training event aims to:

  • Explore opportunities for making connections with other subjects, such as social sciences (Q-step).
    Outline some lesson ideas for including other subject content in Core Maths lessons.
    Examine feedback from HE on the relevance and usefulness of Core Maths.

  • Using technology in the classroom

    This live online training event aims to:

  • Explore opportunities for incorporating technology into the teaching of Core Maths using spreadsheets.
    Demonstrate how technology, such as spreadsheets, can be used to teach Core Maths.
    Outline the lesson preparation involved, such as setting up spreadsheets.

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