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M4 Magazine is a collection of mathematics teaching and learning ideas, resources and activities compiled by MEI for use by teachers and other colleagues in education. From September 2015 the magazine will be published every half term.


November/December M4 Magazine

In this half-term's issue

The final edition of the calendar year includes updates about the new AS and A levels, and about AQA AS and A level Statistics qualifications.

Winter Competition – 'Where in the World?'

At the end of the classroom resource there are 6 puzzles for your Key Stage 4 students to solve. The first 3 puzzles have a mathematical sequence to be discovered and then extrapolated from to obtain an answer. These puzzles can help students develop and practise reasoning and justification skills. The answers will give the Latitude and Longitude of a specific place/landmark. Each puzzle should have a one or two digit answer which when put together will give the required location. For details of how to enter, see the Teachers' Notes at the end of the 'Can we spot a cheat?' classroom resource.

M4 Magazine

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This edition focuses on the question of 'Cheat or Outlier?' There are many situations in which doubt is cast as to whether or not someone has cheated at something. For example, in sports, outstanding performance is often marred by accusations of performance-enhancing drugs being used. To decide whether we believe this was a genuine performance or not, we need to take a closer look at the statistics. In another situation, if someone rolled several sixes in a row during a board game, we might start to be suspicious.

Guest writer Dr Hugh Hunt follows our theme, writing about situations where 'That doesn't sound right.' These range from tossing coins to dropping toast to solving a Rubik cube, with Hugh applying physics and maths to the various scenarios to help him to pick outliers. Stephen Lee, MEI's Research and Evaluation Manager, takes us Site Seeing in this issue. He has shared a book and online resources created to go alongside the hit US Crime Drama series Numb3rs.

For this edition's teaching resource, 'Can we spot a cheat?', Carol Knights has developed classroom activities that look at two very different situations and use data and statistics to inform decisions about whether some form of cheating has occurred. This is a very real problem for sports' ruling bodies who have to decide whether or not to question or test athletes who seem to have performed rather too well. The content would be particularly suitable for KS3, KS4 and Core Maths students.

The PowerPoint file can be downloaded below:

Can we spot a cheat?

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