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Photocopiable student resources

Hypothesis test for one sample
Hypothesis tests for two samples
Experimental design and hypothesis tests for several samples: ANOVA

Examples of colour posters

Statistics can help

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Future challenges of teaching mathematics and statistics: Interview with Guy Lecturer, Stella Dudzic
MEI AS level Statistics
A level statistics CPD
Integrating Mathematical Problem Solving (IMPS)
Who needs mathematics and statistics? CPD
Extended Projects
Royal Statistical Society
Significance Magazine


Hodder Education publishes a single text book, AS Statistics, that covers all three AS modules; Z1, Z2 and Z3. The text for Z1 is the same as that for Statistics 1 but all the questions in the exercises have been changed. Z2 and Z3 are completely new, written for readers who are not studying mathematics. It has been designed for students from a non-mathematical background; the worked examples are set in real world contexts and the book includes activities and investigations as well as exercises.This book may be purchased in bulk, and at a discount, by schools and colleges through MEI. Please see the book order form

You might also find our book Companion to Advanced Mathematics and Statistics useful. This contains all the formulae and essential reference information required during AS and A level courses in mathematics and statistics, as well as many Higher Education and vocational courses, in a single volume.

You may also find these handouts from the MEI Conference 2012 useful:

Understanding Correlation
Statistics across the curriculum
Statistical Problem Solving
Chi squared tests for contingency tables
Using Excel spreadsheets to improve statistical understanding
Application of Transition Matrices to Investigate Populations
Stand up and be counted British Academy guide for current social science and humanities undergraduates, highlighting the benefits of quantitative skills (QS) in a number of different professional roles.