Use of Technology

MEI's position on the use of technology

MEI believes that technology should be embedded within the teaching, learning and assessment of mathematics. It aids understanding and enables problems to be addressed that would be impractical or inefficient to tackle without it.

Use of technology in the new A level Mathematics (from 2017)

The subject guidance for A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics (first teaching September 2017) states:

“The use of technology, in particular mathematical and statistical graphing tools and spreadsheets, must permeate the study of AS and A level mathematics.”

For the 2017 A levels students will require a calculator that can calculate Binomial and Normal probabilities directly from values. The minimum standard for this is an advanced scientific calculator, such as the Casio 991EX ClassWiz or the TI-30X Pro. In addition to this the use of graphing tools should be permeating the study. There are two main ways to achieve this:

  • Students use a graphical calculator instead of an advanced scientific.
  • Students have access to some other graphing tool during their study, such as GeoGebra or Desmos, alongside their advanced scientific.

We have produced guidance on integrating technology into your scheme of work for both of these approaches and we will be providing further resources and support for teachers to help them implement this:
Integrating technology into your scheme of work

CPD in the use of technology in mathematics

CPD is available in the use of technology in mathematics. If you would like this to be delivered at your school/college or other appropriate venue, please contact MEI’s Learning Technologies Specialist to organise a convenient date.

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You might also be interested in MEI's technology-based A level Further Pure unit: Further Pure with Technology (FPT).

Video: Integrating technology into the teaching and learning of mathematics

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