Teaching Further Mathematics (TFM)

Teaching Further Mathematics (TFM) is a professional development course for teachers wishing to develop their own subject knowledge and classroom practice in teaching A level Further Mathematics. The TFM course covers material from all Further Mathematics specifications. The course aims to enable teachers to:

  • gain a deep understanding of A level Further Mathematics;
  • develop confidence and skills to teach A level Further Mathematics, focusing on subject knowledge and effective pedagogy;
  • expand their mathematical horizons and explore links within mathematics.

Sustained Professional Development

TFM is a blended course which comprises dedicated web-based learning resources, scheduled live online tutorials and face-to-face study days in London, Leeds, or Coventry.

The course consists of two units:
Teaching Further Mathematics 1 (TFM 1)
Teaching Further Mathematics 2 (TFM 2)

Each unit is scheduled over half-year period. TFM1 is a pre-requisite for TFM2. After completing TFM1 delegates have to option to continue with TFM2 and complete the whole course. Alternatively, delegates can just study TFM1 and gain certification for TFM1 only.


TFM is designed for A level Mathematics teachers who are currently teaching Further Mathematics or who wish to teach it at some point in the near future. Suitable applicants would include:

  • an experienced teacher of A level Mathematics who wishes to learn more about teaching A level Further Mathematics;
  • an individual, currently not teaching in a school, who wishes to undertake a sustained professional development course to prepare for future employment;
  • a teacher seeking to gain certification that may give them more options in the future;
  • a teacher wanting to develop their own subject knowledge to enable them to confidently and competently teach A level Further Mathematics;
  • a teacher who has completed the Teaching A level Mathematics (TAM) course or the Teaching Mechanics (TM) course or the Teaching Statistics (TS) course or the Teaching Discrete Mathematics (TD) course.

Course Dates

TFM1 is next scheduled from January 2019 to July 2019

TFM2 is scheduled from February 2019 to July 2019


Applications for TFM1 (starting in January 2019) will open in October 2018.

Please submit an expression of interest if you wish to be alerted when applications open.

Frequently asked questions

Use the button below to access sample CPD resources, including for the TFM course.

Please contact Sharon Tripconey, TFM Course Leader, if you have any queries about the TFM course.

Quotes from TFM course participants

"TFM is the single most inspiring thing that's having biggest impact upon my teaching this year."

"I will be using my learning from this course next year when I am establishing a Further Maths course. TFM has been instrumental in me being able to do this."

".... made things clear and inspired further thought"

"Actually made me think about how to deliver a subject rather than just teach from the book"

".. it was nice to spend a day on maths with like-minded people"

"The course was fantastic and I have used so many of the resources"

"This has been the best Maths experience in 20 years."

"Genuinely been so impressed with TFM1&2 and have loved taking part. My teaching is heaps better for it"