OCR(MEI) Mathematics AS/A levels (2017)

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Why choose the MEI Mathematics qualifications?

  • comprehensive and exceptional support for teachers and students
  • a well-designed and helpful specification
  • well-designed exams which reward students of all abilities
  • integrated curriculum, resources, support and assessment all created to the same high-quality MEI standard by a large team of experts

If you would like to discuss the MEI specifications, or to arrange for a visit to your school, please contact our curriculum team. This does not commit you to anything.

Specifications and exams

To find out about some of the features of the MEI specification and exam papers, watch Introduction to MEI A level Maths specs for 2017 video (18 minute presentation). It will help you understand the thinking behind the design of the specification and the assessments

You may also find it useful to take a look at past papers for the specifications.


There are three kinds of support offered by MEI:

Support for all specifications:

Free support for the MEI specification will include:

Access to the MEI Staffroom, an online place where you will be able to access :

  • free resources for the MEI A levels
  • support from MEI experts by phone, email or forum
  • support from a network of experienced teachers

You can join the MEI staff room by logging on to Integral, using a subscription account or an account obtained by registering with the AMSP.

Resources and CPD for the MEI specification for which you have to pay:

  • Textbooks and eTextbooks published by Hodder Education, written by the MEI team
  • MEI’s Integral online A level resources include comprehensive teaching and learning resources tailored to the MEI specifications. They could be all that you need.
  • MEI’s annual conference often has sessions tailored to the MEI specifications