2017 Mathematics AS/A level specifications: CPD at your school/college

We offer a range of professional development courses designed to support you and your department in adapting to the requirements of your chosen 2017 AS and A level Mathematics specification. Whether you are teaching AQA, Edexcel, OCR or OCR(MEI), we have carefully structured these courses to be relevant to you and your students' learning. Each course is available for in-school delivery on an adhoc basis and is designed to last for a full day, though other options are possible, including focused half day courses and twilight sessions.


Getting to grips with Statistics in the new A level

This course is appropriate for any teacher who will be teaching the new AS and A level Mathematics qualifications. It introduces the main statistics topics and the changes in the approach to these topics from legacy S1 modules. Opportunities for embedding technology into your statistics teaching and using large data sets are highlighted throughout. Further information is available in this course information sheet.

Getting to grips with Technology in the new A level

This course is relevant to all teachers of the new AS and A level Mathematics qualifications, given the requirement for the use of technology to permeate the study of them. It focuses on promoting mathematical understanding through the use of technology, including graphical calculators, graph-plotting software and using the large data set. Additionally, this course will provide guidance to help you integrate the use of technology in your classroom, both teacher-led and student-led. Further information is available in this course information sheet.

In-house support with teaching the new A level

MEI offers a range of courses to support you and your colleagues teaching the new A level. In addition to the two courses above, these include:

  • Teaching mechanics for the first time
  • Effective use of your large data set
  • Problem solving in A level Mathematics
  • Overarching themes in A level Mathematics
  • Teaching the new OCR(MEI) AS/A levels

If your school, college, MAT or Maths Hub would like to host one of these courses or you would like to discuss a bespoke course, please contact [email protected].

Please refer to the terms and conditions for MEI CPD events.

For further details please contact the CPD administration team:
Telephone: 01225 716494
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