Kings College London and Exeter specialist mathematics schools launch competition for talented young mathematicians

Posted: 18/09/2013

Year 10 and 11 pupils in London and the South West of England are invited to tackle some famous and challenging mathematical problems as part of a competition run in parallel by the King's College London and Exeter specialist mathematics schools.
Teams of three or four students can choose from a short list of problems and submit their solutions in a five minute video.

The Kings-Exeter Mathematics Competition offers young mathematicians the opportunity to share their love of the subject in an interesting and engaging manner. By taking part, students will develop their ability to communicate and explain mathematics whilst expressing their creativity. The winning team from the South West will meet with their counterparts from London at an awards ceremony, where they will present their work to the Minister for Education.

The mathematics competition is part of the outreach programme of both schools to support and motivate mathematically talented Key Stage 4 pupils across their respective catchment areas. It seeks to encourage them to approach GCSE material in new and challenging ways that will develop their mathematical understanding, regardless of whether they intend to apply to one of the schools.

London and South West schools may enter more than one team to the competition and are asked to register their interest by the end of September. All videos must be submitted by 23 October 2013. Students who are interested in taking part in the competition should contact their head of maths.

For more information and to register your interest, please visit the Exeter Mathematics School Competition web page (schools in the South West) or the King's College London Maths School Competition web page (London schools).

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