Bigger bursaries and scholarships to attract more top graduates into teaching

Posted: 17/10/2013

Prestigious new scholarships and bursaries to attract more high-quality graduates into teaching important rigorous subjects have been announced today by the Government. Scholarships, awarded by respected subject organisations, will be available to the most talented maths, physics, chemistry and computing trainees.

Maths scholarships are awarded by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), in collaboration with the London Mathematical Society (LMS), the Royal Statistical Society (RSS), and Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI). This year up to 250 scholarships are available – an increase from 150 scholarships last year. They are worth £25,000 – an increase of £5,000 from last year.

The IMA and its partners offer additional benefits to successful scholars. This includes membership of the IMA, LMS, RSS, and MEI as well as access to on-line resources including MEI's online maths teaching and learning resources.

Charlie Stripp, Chief Executive of MEI, said:
"We need more inspirational young people with a passion for mathematics to join the teaching profession. Good mathematics education is vital for our country's future economic success and teaching mathematics is a very important and rewarding job. These scholarships are extremely welcome."

More information is available on our joint press release and in the DfE press release.

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