What do students learn on a Core Maths course?

Posted: 16/08/2016

Core Maths qualifications are level 3 qualifications, with equivalent UCAS points to an AS level.  They are designed for students who have achieved grade C, or better, in GCSE Mathematics, but who do not intend to take AS/A level Mathematics. They enable learners to apply mathematical understanding to the problems that they will encounter in their other level 3 courses, further study, life and employment.  The content of Core Maths qualifications is designed with that aim in mind.

Core Maths qualifications are new and the first students to take them will receive their results on 18 August (update 18/08/16: a total of almost 3000 students took AQA, Edexcel and OCR (MEI) Core Maths qualifications in 2016). What kinds of things have they learnt on the course?

They have learnt to interpret numerical information presented in the news such as opinion poll results and statistical information about health and the world around us. 
They have learnt how to fact check by making sensible estimates to check whether data are realistic.
They have learnt how to discuss the information they are given critically, intelligently and with confidence.
They have learnt how to understand and work with financial information about taxation and interest rates and how to make a basic budget.
They have learnt to work with numbers which may not work out nicely and to persevere when they do not see how to get to an answer immediately.
They have learnt to connect their mathematical understanding with the real world and with their learning in other subjects.
They have learnt skills which will be useful to them in their future lives, work and studies.

To see what employers and universities think of Core Maths, see: core-maths.org/about-core-maths/parents-and-carers.
To read about MEI’s support for the teaching and learning of Core Maths, see: mei.org.uk/core-maths.

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