Changes to maths education post-16, the new mathematics AS/A levels and the support offered by Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) to help schools and colleges teach them

Posted: 18/08/2016

Following the publication of A level results this morning, MEI has published a media release about changes to post-16 education and the new mathematics A levels.

MEI’s Chief Executive Charlie Stripp commented on the continued popularity of Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A/AS level, and the continued need to increase numbers of students studying maths post-16:

‘It’s great news that, despite a reduction of 1.65% in entries for A levels overall, A level Mathematics entries have held up well and A level Further Mathematics entries have continued to increase.  Over 92 000 students took A level Maths this summer and Maths, once again, has the highest entry of any A level subject; 10 years ago the entry was only just over 52 000 and A level Maths had the 4th highest entry compared to other subjects.  For Further Maths the increases are even more dramatic. 10 years ago fewer than 6000 students took A level Further Maths; now the figure is over 15 000. These changes reflect an increased recognition of the importance of maths for success in higher education and employment.  However, numbers need to increase still further to help our young people to succeed in their careers and to support the competitiveness of our economy in science, technology, engineering and finance.’

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