September/October M4 Magazine and teaching resource are available to download

Posted: 11/10/2016

This edition focuses on the theme of ‘Maths lessons from (virtually) nothing’. There are many free teaching resources available to mathematics teachers, and we share links to some of these as well as to blogs where you can share and discuss resources and ideas.

Guest writer Dr Hugh Hunt writes about maths outdoors, taking us with him on a walk to work and engaging us in some mathematical challenges along the way.

Katharine Davies, an MEI Curriculum Developer, takes us Site Seeing in this issue. She has shared two websites that offer free resources that engage learners and help them see the relevance of maths.

For this edition’s teaching resource, ‘Simple Starting Points’, Carol Knights has developed several short activities, all taken from workshop sessions at this year’s MEI conference. Starting points include basic resources such as a piece of A4 paper and problems posed from everyday situations and are suitable for some KS3 students and most KS4 students and beyond.

You can download the magazine and the PowerPoint teaching resource from the M4 Magazine web page.

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