November/December M4 Magazine and teaching resource are available to download

Posted: 25/11/2016

This edition includes a Winter Competition ‘Where in the World?’ for Key Stage 4 students – see the end of the classroom resource for details of how to enter – entries by Friday 16 December.
The magazine and classroom resource focus on the question of ‘Cheat or Outlier?’ There are many situations in which doubt is cast as to whether or not someone has cheated at something. To decide whether we believe this was a genuine performance or not, we need to take a closer look at the statistics.
Guest writer Dr Hugh Hunt follows our theme, writing about situations where ‘That doesn’t sound right.’ These range from tossing coins to dropping toast to solving a Rubik cube, with Hugh applying physics and maths to the various scenarios to help him to pick outliers.
Stephen Lee, MEI’s Research and Evaluation Manager, takes us Site Seeing in this issue. He has shared a book and online resources created to go alongside the hit US Crime Drama series Numb3rs.
For this edition’s teaching resource, ‘Can we spot a cheat?’, Carol Knights has developed classroom activities that look at two very different situations and use data and statistics to inform decisions about whether some form of cheating has occurred.
You can download the magazine and the PowerPoint teaching resource from the M4 Magazine web page.

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