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Posted: 06/04/2017

Our focus in this half term’s issue is on outdoors maths. We share resources for out-of-the-classroom maths lessons. We also explore the maths behind stone balancing and an award-winning garden at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show.

Three guest writers each take a different perspective on outdoors maths. Teacher Kathy Hodgson shares her experiences and resources used when taking maths outside. Professor Chris Budd OBE writes about the maths of rock formations in his guest article ‘Let’s Rock!’ He looks at rock folding, demonstrating how rocks deform in very much the same way as paper. In his guest column ‘Desert Island Maths’ Dr Hugh Hunt explains that if he had to choose what to take on a desert island, he’d choose maths over music.

Carol Knights' classroom resource (at the end of the magazine) offers a starting point for some maths outdoors.

Sue de Pomerai, Deputy Programme Leader of the Further Mathematics Support Programme, takes us Site seeing this month, looking at resources for teaching and learning kinematics.        

You can download the magazine and the PowerPoint teaching resource from the M4 Magazine web page.

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