Tribal Appointments

Posted: 03/05/2018

Tribal are seeking to appoint the following roles:

The AMSP Priority Area Lead role will involve leading a team of regional improvement leads, providing guidance and support on mathematics school improvement and professional development.  The post-holder will coordinate, organise and lead support for schools/colleges focusing on the AMSP Priority Areas (Opportunity Areas, Low Participation in Level 3 Maths Areas and AMSP Priority Institutions) in order to increase participation and improve provision for level 3 mathematics.

The AMSP Regional Improvement Lead will provide credible, recognised mathematics school improvement and professional development to facilitate a coherent strategy of support for level 3 mathematics in each region.  There will be 8 Regional Improvement Leads, and each post-holder will coordinate AMSP support for schools/colleges within their region.

The AMSP – NCETM and Maths Hub Link role will coordinate links between the AMSP, NCETM and Maths Hubs, and will hold responsibility for gathering and disseminating information on provision for level 3 mathematics in order to support schools/colleges to improve participation.  

 For further details and an application form for these posts please visit:  http://www.tribalgroup.com/careers

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