Free resources for Core Maths

Posted: 23/09/2019

As part of MEI’s work on the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP), we have been developing a new learning platform to support the level 3 Core Maths qualifications. We’ve already created teaching resources that cover most of the common content of the current qualifications. These have been trialled with a small number of centres and have been available to schools and colleges that are registered with the AMSP since July.

The content of the learning platform is spilt into topics. Within each topic there’s a teacher area containing teacher-led lessons, and a student area containing interactive, online learning materials, with tests that are mostly auto-marked.

Over the summer, the curriculum team has been adapting and organising these resources into new courses relevant to specific Core Maths qualifications. We intend to make these new resources available to all schools and colleges that are registered with the AMSP before the end of September.

If your school/college is registered with the AMSP and the details supplied included the Core Maths qualification you offer, your school/college will be given access to the relevant resources when they become available; further details will be supplied at this time. Until then you will continue to have access to the common content resources.

If your school/college is not yet registered with the AMSP, please complete the registration form. It’s free, and it will provide you with access to a wide range of resources, in addition to the Core Maths learning platform.

Throughout the forthcoming academic year we will be developing further qualification-specific content. If you would like to preview any of this new material and help us to develop and refine it, then please join our growing community of trial centres. Further details are available from Terry Dawson.

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