Ritangle 2019

Posted: 24/09/2019

Now in its fourth year, MEI’s annual Ritangle competition for teams of students kicks off with the first question on 7 October 2019. Registration opens the same day. Save the date and let your students know about it too.

Ritangle aims to support the development of problem-solving skills and the use of technology in learning mathematics, both of which are strongly emphasised in the AS/A level Mathematics specifications.

The competition requires the teams to work out the answers to 25 questions in total. It starts with some weekly questions, then the pace quickens to one question a day, building to a final push to be the first team to submit a perfect solution to the last question.

Questions for Ritangle are written by Jonny Griffiths, creator of 40 Rich Tasks for Further Mathematics which appear in Integral and are also available from the Rich Starting Points for A level Maths website. As a taste of the style of questions, we’ve provided Jonny’s favourite question from the 2018 competition.

The problems only require knowledge of A level Mathematics, but students will need determination and teamwork to succeed.

Over 500 teams from around the world participated in Ritangle 2018. Here’s what one teacher said about last year’s competition:

A fantastic effort from our y12 further mathematicians who are determined to solve the Ritangle problems - they’ve been at it for hours. Think they’ve even managed to entice some y13s to help out too! Thanks MEI for a great competition. #Ritangle

We hope your students will join in this year!

Find out more, including questions and solutions from previous years, from the Integral website.

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