Step up in the New Year with AMSP sustained professional development courses

Posted: 09/12/2019

The AMSP’s sustained courses are a popular choice for teachers looking for in-depth professional development for A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, with more than 500 teachers currently participating in them.

Applications are now open for all eight of the AMSP’s spring six-month-long sustained courses, including: Teaching Statistics (TS1 and TS2); Teaching Mechanics (TM1 and TM2); Teaching Further Mathematics (TFM1 and TFM2); and Teaching Discrete Mathematics (TD1 and TD2).

Each of these courses provides two face-to-face study days, along with online tutorials and support from dedicated staff for specific aspects of the curriculum, and there are generous subsidies for teachers from state-funded schools and colleges.

“All the tutors are very passionate and enthusiastic about mechanics.”

“Practical work really helped me ‘feel’ mechanics.”

“Great sessions - good to get hands on with data sets!”

“This has undoubtedly been the most valuable CPD that I've participated in.”

Full details of all AMSP sustained courses currently open for bookings are available on the AMSP website.

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