Further Pure with Technology

Posted: 09/12/2019

Further Pure with Technology (FPT) is an MEI A level Further Mathematics minor option, which can be studied alongside (or after) studying the Core Pure element of A level Further Mathematics. It involves the use of a graph plotter, spreadsheet, Computer Algebra System and programming language in the teaching, learning and assessment.

As well as being taken as one of a student’s main options, FPT can also be offered as an additional option. It’s ideal for students who are interested in technology and wish to self-study additional content. MEI Further Mathematics allows students to take additional options, and have the best scores counted.

Thanks to the support of OCR, we have produced a series of short videos that cover the content of FPT. These can be used to complement the teaching of the option, or by students who wish to self-study it. The videos are available via Integral for subscribers, as well as schools/colleges registered with the AMSP. There’s also a suggested scheme of work.

If you any further questions about FPT please contact Tom Button, MEI’s Mathematics Technology Specialist.

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