Free promotional codes for MEI’s Sumaze! apps

Posted: 12/12/2019

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Get the two latest Sumaze! apps for free by applying for a free promo code. Twenty are available for each app. First come, first served!

Earlier this year MEI launched two new Sumaze! apps. We’re currently offering 20 free promotional download codes for each one:

Sumaze! Adventure is aimed at maths enthusiasts aged 13+ and includes quadratics, simultaneous equations and more. It’s the first non-linear Sumaze game, and contains some exciting new gameplay mechanics and explores areas of mathematics not covered in any of the previous Sumaze! titles.

Sumaze! Primary is aimed at 4–7 year-old young mathematicians. Designed to develop mathematical thinking, it assumes no knowledge beyond being able to count to 20.

There is normally small charge for Sumaze! Primary and Sumaze! Adventure (we have to cover our costs). However, the first twenty people to apply below will receive a free promotional code for Sumaze! Primary or Sumaze! Adventure (on IoS or Android).

Apply for a Sumaze! Adventure promo code (up to 20 codes available).

Apply for a Sumaze! Primary promo code (up to 20 codes available).

Find our more on the Sumaze! family website.

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