Ritangle 2019 winner

Posted: 07/01/2020

On the 7th October 2019, excitement was building as young mathematicians from schools/colleges across the UK and beyond were preparing to take part in the Ritangle 2019 competition. The competition composed of 26 challenging questions which had to be answered correctly in order to solve the final question on the 10th December. Close to 600 teams worked on a series of difficult tasks which eventually unlocked a tiebreaker question. We were thrilled that 45 teams answered all the questions correctly. The team that managed to get their final answer in first and are therefore the winners of our Ritangle 2019 competition are from King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon. Congratulations to the winning team, we hope you enjoy your fantastic Ritangle prize hamper which includes a one year free subscription to Integral!

The full solutions to the Ritangle 2019 competition can be found on the Integral webpage, as well as a list of all the schools/colleges who answered all the questions correctly

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