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Posted: 11/05/2020

Maths Hubs Network activity since school closures

Based in schools, Maths Hubs have had to suspend face-to-face professional development work since schools closed in March. Much of this collaborative work has been moved online and Maths Hubs are involved in evaluation of how remote CPD can be run most effectively. The network is also involved in planning the Maths Hubs Programme for 2020/21, taking into account the changed, varied and as yet unknown situations that schools and teachers will be working in.

Recruitment for the 2020/21 Maths Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) School Improvement Support Programme has just opened. This programme is for maths SLEs interested in developing their approaches to maths school improvement work.

Recruitment to the 2020/21 Professional Development Lead Programme has also recently opened. This provides professional learning and accreditation for those involved in leading CPD in maths.

Recruitment for Mastery Specialists in secondary has begun already and will begin for primary on Wednesday 13 May.

Support for parents and teachers during school closures

Two new areas of the website have been created for the period of school closures. Look for this image on the homepage:

Support for teachers:

Primary video lesson sequences are collaboratively planned, using the extensive NCETM Mastery Materials and delivered by Mastery Specialists. Every week there are five new lessons for each of Years 1/2, Years 3/4, and Years 5/6.

Secondary curriculum planning and CPD draws together NCETM provision to support professional development and curriculum design for Key Stage 3 and beyond.

Support for parents/carers:

Learning activities and games lists are deliberately short and selective, with helpful information about getting the most from the websites featured.

Video tips offers a variety of short videos made by NCETM staff. They provide ideas for activities and games that parents can do with their children to complement any work from school.

Facebook Groups for primary and secondary parents are up and running so that parents can ask questions directly to teachers about the maths their children are learning.

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