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Posted: 13/05/2020

School/college closures

Support for schools/colleges while they have been closed has been the top priority for the Integral team in recent weeks.

  • Schools/colleges that subscribe to the Integral AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics resources can request additional free student accounts for the period until 30th September 2020.

  • AMSP registration access has been temporarily extended to include all of Integral’s AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics resources, excluding the online tests and the student management features, which are only available by subscription.

  • Free subscriptions to resources to support AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics, through which students can be given their own individual accounts is now available.

  • Free subscriptions to resources to support the OCR Level 3 FSMQ in Additional Mathematics are still available.

Many Integral resources are suitable for use in online classrooms and use of Integral’s on-screen section tests can provide a useful way to continue to monitor and assess progress during this period.

Please contact the Integral team if you have any queries about accessing or using Integral. The team is happy to provide advice about using Integral with students while schools/colleges are closed and on the return to regular teaching.

Coming soon to Integral

We’ve been continuing to develop Integral and create new content due for release later this year.

  • As well as giving the site a fresh look, we’ll be improving navigation in Integral with new easy-to-scan menus which show you more of your available content at a glance. Navigation will be further enhanced through the introduction of a search facility.

  • A full site upgrade will mean that the performance of Integral will be further improved on smart phones and tablets.

  • We’ve been reviewing exam-style questions in Integral in the light of the 2017 specification exam papers that are now available. This will mean more exam-style questions addressing problem-solving, modelling and reasoning will be available.

  • A project to create short videos to support AS/A level Mathematics is underway. These will be similar to the FMSP videos which are currently available via Integral to support AS/A level Further Mathematics.

  • Our resources for Edexcel International AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics are now fully available.

  • Our webinar tours are proving very popular. They provide teachers with a quick overview of all of the features and types of content that Integral has to offer. You can book a free tour via the Integral website.

Integral has much to offer to both students and teachers. We want you to get the most out of your access to Integral. If you need any advice about using Integral then please contact the Integral team. We can respond by e-mail, with a phone call, or by arranging a personal online webinar to give you the support you need.

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