‘Let’s Count’ – An innovate way to engage primary pupils with the 2021 census

Posted: 17/09/2020

The next census will happen in March 2021 and the Office for National Statistics (ONS) is providing an extensive primary education programme to raise awareness with children and encourage their parents and carers to engage with it.

The census is all about collecting data to inform decisions at local and national level, so the primary resources focus on the idea that ‘this matters to us’. The aim is to highlight the impact the census has on the places children live and the services available there, such as schools and hospitals. The ONS has made localised data available to schools so that the activities are relevant to them.

We’re delighted to be working with Family and Education, contributing to the materials for primary schools by producing classroom resources and professional development materials to be included in the programme.

The materials include a lesson that highlights how the census informs the work of the NHS, which given the current situation is very high in people’s minds. There will be a lesson overview and a PowerPoint. There will also be a recording of the lesson, which supports teachers’ lesson preparation as well as being useful for remote learning.

Data handling is an aspect of the primary curriculum that can be seen as a ‘topic’ area of maths. Progression from KS1 to KS2 maths, and into KS3, is not always smooth, continuous and clear. The professional development session we’re providing will focus on progression in data handling and statistics from Early Years through to the transition to KS3. It will consider the link between data handling, statistics, and the rest of the maths curriculum whilst also considering the role of this area of maths in designing the census and interpreting the data.

The final aspect of this work is a video lesson version of the introductory lesson ‘What is the Census?’, which, similarly, could be used for professional development, to support teachers’ lesson preparation, or for remote learning.

Find out more and register your primary school at the Let’s Count website.

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