Our Sumaze! Primary and Sumaze! Adventure games apps are now free

Posted: 04/12/2020

MEI’s games apps are great for engaging students with maths, especially those who are home learning. We're therefore delighted to announce that Sumaze! Primary and Sumaze! Adventure are now free.

All of our apps can now be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play free of charge:

Sumaze! Primary is a fun educational puzzle game aimed at mathematicians aged 4-7. There's no assumed knowledge beyond being able to count to 20, but playing the game develops important problem-solving skills and mathematical thinking from a young age.

For young mathematicians that want more of a challenge, Sumaze 2! explores fractions, decimals, percentages and primes. The app is a perfect way to introduce problem solving with more complex topics to students transitioning from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3.

Sumaze! Adventure is aimed at students aged 14+. They can quest their way through quadratics, simultaneous equations, sequences, functions, factorials, and more.

Sumaze! - the original Sumaze! app - is designed for advanced level mathematicians who want to put their knowledge of topics such as indices, inequalities and logarithms to the test.

Factris is a classic Tetris-style high score numeracy game based on factorising.

A Bundle of Graphs is six mini-games about graphs (straight line, quadratics, position-time, velocity-time and frequency (to look at mean and median).

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