OCR Core Maths A and B (MEI)

OCR Core Maths A and B (MEI), is a new Core Maths textbook that will be published by Illuminate Publishing and is available to pre-order.

The textbook has been written to support students and teachers through the Core Maths courses and is designed to create confident mathematicians who are able to apply their learning to a wide range of situations.

Book Features

  • Written in conjunction with the MEI team to ensure the best possible support for the course.
  • Entered into OCR’s endorsement process
  • Covers all components from both specifications including Introduction to Quantitative Reasoning, Critical Maths and Statistical Problem Solving.
  • The innovative approach places learning in context throughout and focusses on learning through practice, with a large number of questions, exercises, activities and practice questions.
  • Real-world examples are used to give students opportunities to apply their learning to different settings including everyday life and the workplace.