Primary Activities

Sumaze! Primary

MEI has produced amazing educational puzzle app aimed at 4-7 year-old learners, Sumaze! Primary. It’s designed to be a fun way to develop problem-solving skills and mathematical thinking from a young age, with no assumed knowledge beyond being able to count to 20

Sumaze! Primary can be used as a fun way to stimulate classroom discussion. This activity suggests ideas for using Sumaze! Primary in the classroom to encourage ‘what if?’ questions about adding, subtracting and multiplying small whole numbers.

3 or 4 in a row game

A fun mathematical game for primary maths students. This game is a fantastic way of encouraging pupils to think about ordering and positioning numbers and a desire to win can often provide a motivation for using and discussing the place value of decimals.

Playing Card Proportions activity

This activity involves describing random groups of playing cards using the language of fractions, ratio and proportion, supporting pupils to make links and connections between these related areas of maths.

Origami Ratio lesson

This lesson, particularly suitable for Year 6 or Year 7 pupils, is intended to offer an engaging way to introduce and explore simple ratios, while also providing opportunities for reasoning and problem solving.