Additional Mathematics

Additional Mathematics (OCR) is a level 3 FSMQ (Free-Standing Mathematics Qualification) aimed at able year 11 students.

Why do Level 3 FMSQ: Additional Mathematics?

Additional Mathematics is a Level 3 Free Standing Mathematics Qualification (FSMQ) which qualifies for UCAS and performance table points. It is suitable for a two year programme of GCSE Mathematics and Additional Mathematics for able students at KS4, completing both courses at the end of Year 11. This would have several benefits:

  • Exposure to Additional Mathematics would provide sufficient challenge whilst helping many students to achieve high grades at GCSE
  • Students would receive a broad and deep education in mathematics at an appropriate pace
  • They would have a firmer foundation on which to start their A level studies
  • More able students would be in a position to start Year 12 already confident with some of the new course material.

The content of Additional Mathematics

It consists of four main ‘pure’ mathematics topics, each of which contains an ‘applied’ dimension, and two numerical topics, all underpinned by an Algebra section.

The applications have been chosen to provide a taste of each of the three major strands of applied mathematics that students may meet at AS level and beyond: Mechanics, Statistics and Decision & Discrete Mathematics. The full specification is published on the OCR website. There is also a considerable amount of information about the scheme as a whole and its assessment.

The examination consists of a single 2 hour paper with no choice of questions. Formula sheets are allowed in FSMQs; see the OCR website for details.

Online resources are available to support the teaching and learning of Additional Mathematics in our Integral virtual learning environment. For more information please see our Additional Mathematics resources page.

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