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Welcome to Bridge It!

This is a Beta version of Bridge It!
MEI would like your feedback in order to take
decisions about its further development. You will
encounter a few minor bugs as you play this
version but the maths and gameplay are sound.

In the Beta version here, all the levels are unlocked
so you can jump straight in. Click the top of a
pillar to choose a topic.

Note that Bridge It! will only run on devices with
a Flash player. This version is best played
on a laptop or desktop computer using a mouse
or finger pad.


Bridge It! contains multi-step questions and
some require a calculator so play with
a pen, paper and a calculator to hand.

Note the degree of accuracy specified in some
of the questions.

Need some help with the Bridge It! maths topics?
Then visit the help page.


We'd like to know what you think of Bridge It!

Please complete this very short survey
or send your feedback to [email protected].