The Big Bang

Posted: 10/11/2008

The Big Bang took place from 4th to 6th March 2009 at the QE II Centre, London and kick started National Science and Engineering Week.

The Big Bang will be a true experience to remember and will encourage young people to take part in science and engineering initiatives with support from their parents and teachers. Inspirational and challenging lectures, shows, workshops and presentations by leading engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs will amaze and inspire all attendees. The Big Bang will also be the place where the first ever National Science Competition is judged and awarded, giving students the chance to gain recognition for their talent and inspire their peers.

This is a chance for students to think about themselves, their world, and their role within. Through the range of exhibits and events at the Big Bang, young people will discover the huge range of opportunities that exist for those with science and engineering qualifications. Expert advice will be available to guide students and provide them with information on the huge variety of career options available.

This is great opportunity for students to get involved in science and engineering and realise their potential role in the industry's future.


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