Introducing E&Te - a new STEM teachers\' resource magazine from IET

Posted: 07/05/2009

Engineering and Technology Education (E&Te) is a new teachers' magazine being launched this month by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), one of the world's leading professional societies for the Engineering and Technology community.

The IET is committed to helping teachers implement the national STEM agenda in schools and encouraging young people to study STEM subjects. E&Te is the latest expression of this commitment, joining the web-based Faraday programme and Flipside, the science and technology magazine for teenagers.

E&Te magazine is the successor to Electronics Education and aims to extend that popular formula to the wider STEM teaching community, by providing ideas and articles on innovative cross-curricular STEM projects that have been shown to work in the classroom.

The magazine will be sent free of charge to Heads of D&T and Science in all secondary schools in the UK.

For further information about E&Te or other IET STEM resources such as the web-based Faraday programme and teenage science magazine, Flipside, please contact the Education 5-19 department at [email protected] or take a look at the website www.theiet.org/education

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