LMS Popular Lectures 2011

Posted: 16/03/2011

This year, the London Mathematical Society's Popular Lectures will be held at:

  • Institute of Education, London - Wednesday 29 June
  • University of Birmingham - Thursday 29 September

This free annual event consists of two lectures which are designed to be suitable for a non-specialist audience (although a knowledge of A-Level Maths can be useful, it is not essential).

The lecturers are chosen for their mathematical distinction. This year, the lecturers are:

  • Dr Colva Roney-Dougal (St. Andrew's University)
    Symmetry, Chance & Determinism

    By playing some games with symmetries, we’ll discover the surprising fact that choosingrnrandomly can give the same answer (almost) every time!

  • Hilary Weller (University of Reading)
    How Climate Models Work and Could They Be Better?

    Hilary Weller will describe some of the physics behind how the real climate works,rnsome of the mathematics involved in creating a computer model of the climate to make climate predictions and how climate data is gathered in order to test the models. We will see that, although climate models are far from perfect, some predictions can bernmade with confidence.

LONDON: Commences at 7.00 pm, refreshments at 8.00 pm, ends at 9.30 pm Admission is free, with ticket. Register by Friday 24 June.

BIRMINGHAM: Commences at 6.30 pm, refreshments at 7.30 pm, ends at 9.00pm Admission is free, with ticket. Register by Friday 23 September.

To register for tickets, please email Lee-Anne Parker ([email protected]) or visit the LMS website for a registration form (http://www.lms.ac.uk/content/popular-lectures).

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