Michael Gove encourages City firms to support the FMSP's funding

Posted: 05/07/2011

Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove endorses MEI’s Further Mathematics Support Programme and appeals to City of London financial institutions to support its long-term funding

In a speech on mathematics and science made at the Royal Society on 29 June, Michael Gove said:

"...We are also committed to the existing programmes that have proven their worth over the past few years. For instance, the performance of the Further Maths Support Programme has been outstanding. The growth in the number taking Further Maths A level is testament to their success.

We protected the FMSP in the Spending Review and I can guarantee that their funding will not be cut for next year. However, this is not enough. They want to expand. That is why today, I have teamed up with CityAM to make an appeal to financial institutions in the City - put some of your profits into supporting the FMSP over the long-term, and ideally make it financially secure and not dependent on the temporary and easily lost affection of politicians.

Since the 2008 crisis, the financial pages have been full of laments from rich bankers and others bemoaning the lack of mathematical understanding among the population and among political leaders. OK, let’s do something about it. Although I personally strongly support the FMSP, I will not, many of you will be pleased to hear, be Secretary of State for ever. The health of organisations such as FMSP should not depend on a politician’s whim. It would be better if it had its own independent sources of money and I think many people would agree that the City has both an obligation and an incentive to help. Allister Heath, the paper’s brilliant editor, has today launched an appeal to his readers. Let’s hope this succeeds. I’m sure Adam Smith would approve - it would not only be a moral good but it would also be in the long-term interests of the City."

In his response, published in City AM, Charlie Stripp, MEI’s Chief Executive, said:

"With extra resources to enable them to train more teachers to teach at this level, and support more schools and colleges to improve their mathematics provision, MEI and the FMSP could do even more to expand opportunities for young people to learn the mathematical skills needed to support our economy."

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