‘Video solutions’ to MEI examination papers

Posted: 22/05/2012

In a joint venture with Keele University, MEI will soon have A level revision material available in the form of video solutions of past exam papers. The videos take the form of a power-point type presentation with a voice overlay. Unlimited access for a student to access this on-line material will cost around £10 for a maximum of six-months covering one assessment period. A discounted voucher system will be available for sale direct to schools. It is envisaged that the system will be up and running this autumn, in time for the January 2013 examinations.

Video solutions to 2010 examinations, from the MEI specification for, core 1, core 2, core 3 and core 4 may currently be viewed free of charge at: http://bit.ly/keelemeivideosolutions. Your feedback on these solutions would be greatly appreciated and can be made via the website. Anyone wishing to be kept up-to-date concerning the launch of the venture, or for any further information, is invited to email [email protected].

Please note - since this news item was published, some or all of the relevant files or pages have been removed or updated by the organisation in question. As such, the original material is no longer available.

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