2017 Mathematics AS/A level Specification Changes

Posted: 11/02/2016

What's happening and how can MEI help you?

New AS and A levels in Mathematics and Further Mathematics are being introduced in England for first teaching from September 2017. They will be different from the current qualifications:

  • New linear structure: AS will be decoupled from A level, and all assessment will take place at the end of the course. Exam questions may draw on the content of the whole A level.
  • New emphasis: There will be more emphasis on problem solving, reasoning and modelling, and a requirement for the use of technology to permeate teaching and learning.
  • New content: The content of AS and A level Mathematics will be fixed. It will include pure mathematics, mechanics and statistics (including analysis of large data sets).There will be some choice in content for AS and A level Further Mathematics.


We have created new web pages to give updates and to explain the support that MEI can offer to teachers. This will include video updates, a timeline of key milestones, and a package of support including:

  • Staying informed:  Email updates
  • Professional Development: Our courses are appropriate for teaching any of the 2017 mathematics AS/A level specifications.
  • Scheme of Work: We are drafting a suggested Scheme of Work intended for use with any of the specifications.
  • Teaching and Learning resources: We are developing our Integral online resources to support all of the new specifications for AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics.
  • Advice: We are putting together a list of FAQs about the changes.
  • Opportunities to discuss the issues: MEI's annual conference 2016 will have a particular focus on the new A levels. In addition to sessions on various aspects of the changes, there will be plenty of opportunities to talk through any concerns with fellow teachers and MEI staff.


Find out more on our web pages: 2017 Mathematics AS/A level Specification Changes and 2017 Mathematics AS/A level specifications: Professional Development

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