Draft MEI Mathematics and Further Mathematics specifications for teaching from 2017

Posted: 10/06/2016

AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics are changing. There will be more problem solving and integration of technology, and statistics will have a new focus on interpretation of data. These are features that MEI has been promoting for many years.
MEI has developed draft specifications for these qualifications for teaching from September 2017. They will be examined by OCR, and will be known as the OCR(MEI) specifications, just like the current versions. We believe that the combination of these new specifications and our accompanying support package will provide teachers and students with the best possible A level Mathematics experience.

Information about the OCR(MEI)  specifications and the support available for teachers is available at mei.org.uk/2017-mei-specification.
Information about the changes to Mathematics and Further Mathematics specifications and the support that MEI can provide are available at www.mei.org.uk/2017

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