MEI congratulates the first cohort of students to follow the reformed GCSE Mathematics curriculum

Posted: 24/08/2017

Congratulations to all of this GCSE students on the hard work that they have put into their studies. They were the first cohort to follow the reformed GCSE Mathematics curriculum, which is more demanding than in previous years. All those who achieved a grade 4 or above should have a good preparation for studying more maths post-16, and it is strongly in their interest to do so. Those more well-qualified in maths tend to earn more, which is both good for them individually and good for the national economy. Last week's A level results showed more students than ever before gaining qualifications in A level Mathematics, A level Further Mathematics and Core Maths, and the reformed GCSE Maths should help to fuel continued growth in numbers.

We have compiled a summary of the GCSE Mathematics results data.

Charlie Stripp, MEI's Chef Executive, has written advice regarding options for post-16 mathematics for students achieving grade 4 and above, and for schools and colleges. He said: "The key message is that if you achieved at least a standard pass in GCSE, it's strongly in your interest to keep studying maths post 16."

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