The December edition of the MEI Newsletter has been published

Posted: 04/12/2017

The latest edition of the quarterly MEI Newsletter has now been published and is available for download: December 2017 newsletter.

This issue includes:

  • Foreword from Chief Executive Charlie Stripp
  • Mathematics Conferences
  • Easing Mathematical Transition from Year 6 to Year 7
  • Head of Mathematics course
  • Integral – update on the new site for the new AS/A levels
  • Are you using the correct large data set at A level?
  • Questions about MEI A levels?
  • Coursework marks
  • Completing the suite of sustained CPD courses
  • FMSP Professional Development Videos
  • MEI and FMSP survey into participation in AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics
  • FMSP Support for teaching Further Mathematics

You can download previous MEI newsletters from the Newsletters web page.

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