Resources for trialling GeoGebra graphing calculator in exam mode

Posted: 15/02/2019

The GeoGebra Graphing Calculator app is available on smartphones, tablets or via a browser. MEI is currently producing a set of resources and a practice test that utilise the functionality of this app to help students in their understanding of maths. These resources are based on the content of the first year of A level Mathematics (i.e. AS Pure) and are designed to be used once students have finished studying this content.

By using these resources students will:

  • develop their skills in using graphing technology for mathematics, which should support them in their second year of study
  • have an opportunity to practise the mathematics they have learned.

The resources will consist of:

  • Practice questions 1: highly-structured questions that include directions for students about how to use the app (view sample).
  • Teacher guidance for practice questions 1 (view sample).
  • Practice questions 2: less structured questions that are similar to the test.
  • Practice test: questions in the style of examination questions that lend themselves to being explored with dynamic graphing (view sample).

The test is designed to be administered using GeoGebra's "exam mode". This feature allows for the device to be securely locked-down so that it cannot be used to communicate during the exam. MEI wishes to collect some data from schools and colleges about how using this exam mode works in practice. Schools/colleges signing-up to receive these resources will be expected to complete a short survey about their experiences after they have used the test.

Teachers can express an interest in being involved in this project by emailing Tom Button, including the name of your school/college. Further details about the trial and the full expectations will be sent to teachers that are interested.

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