Maths Week England Resources

Posted: 11/11/2019

This week we are taking part in celebrating the very first Maths Week England. The event aims to raise the profile of maths throughout England and enable children and adults from all social and economic backgrounds to access and enjoy interesting mathematical experiences.

MEI and the AMSP are supporting Maths Week England alongside our fantastic competitions we have also released some useful resources for teachers to use in their classroom to get involved in the event.

Where's the Maths in that?

These resources created by the AMSP are designed to demonstrate to students that mathematics can be found all around them. They are very easy to use, simply display a photograph and ask “Where is the maths in that?”

Using photographs and pictures will stimulate creativity, discussion and debate - showing students that they can talk about maths and that maths is not always about right and wrong answers and written methods.

Maths Club Activities

These resources created by the AMSP are designed to support the many maths clubs that schools run across the country. Each activity is fully resourced and accessible to all 11-16 students at different levels. They should take around 30 minutes to work through, with extension activities to develop the ideas further according to the students' engagement and interest.

Primary Get Calculating Lesson Plans

MEI have released Get Calculating Lesson plans which are designed to focus on key aspects of the maths curriculum for Year 6 pupils, whilst also providing an opportunity for them to become familiar with using a calculator.Continuing to develop mental and written calculation strategies is central to maths development in primary schools. The use of calculators in these lessons allows pupils to test ideas and generalisations with a wider range of values.

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